Winchester Business Enhancement

Data Analysis and Software Development services to help smaller to medium size businesses grow and thrive

The Winchester Business Enhancement company can help businesses improve sales & performance and offer time saving solutions to improve productivity.
We offer bespoke & customised services and solutions, give strategic recommendations and use or record data to improve business results

What we do

We work with your business to implement computer related processes that can enhance your business & customer experience.
We analyse EPOS and Business data, the market & competitors to create more useful reports & make suggestions for your business that will improve sales & performance.

Data Analysis, Management & Administration

Pricing, Products,
Competitor and market, Sales & Profit, Reports, Reductions, Seasonality, Database management and customer or financial information


System Development, Process Automation & Computer Training

Automated reports & formatting. Programme & software development. Website creation & ongoing support,  System Integration & Training on Microsoft Office products, Programming & basic computing training


Forecasting & Sales, Profit and Store Optimisation

Forecasting Trends, Sales & profit, Demand & required stock/resource levels Reductions/Markdown, Stock flow, Store layout, processes for multiple outlets


What we do Best

-Achieve results
-Identify key improvements
–Offer flexibility
–Save you time
-Reduce Costs
-Simplify processes
-Sort information & forecast data


Report Samples

Available as usable templates, or can be created, altered & used by The WBE to make business suggestions
Other suggested reports:
Best & Worst Seller report
Product type, Supplier, Colour & Size analysis
Competitor shop
Product level detail report

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Client Testimonials

“Deborah has identified how we can improve on sales within our busiest selling period of the year, amongst other incredibly useful insights, and I am so excited to start implementing the recommendations made. It is a real eye opener to see what can be extracted from my sales data and I look forward to continue working with Deborah. I found the information provided has given me the confidence that we can improve on last year’s sales. The services provided by the WBE gives businesses a life line, and offers SMEs the same competitive edge as enjoyed by larger organisations.”

Alison Dries
The Toy Cupboard

“We were looking for somebody to design a flyer for our first holiday club and asked Ollie. He did a fantastic job and designed a flyer which was eye-catching, professional and conveyed all the messages we wanted. I would recommend Ollie to anyone”

Sarah Campbell
Youth Music Projects Coordinator, Winnall Rock School

Our Team

Meet the team that will help your business grow

Deborah Dowling

Merchandiser & Data Analyst

I improve results & efficiency through the use of reports & data.  I ensure that the most effective decisions are being made by spotting trends, forecasting, grouping & sorting data  & creating useful reports. The Skills of a Merchandiser are- Analytical, Logical & strategical thinking, commercial, organisational, numerical, team working, computer & excel I have increased profits by 22% within an established retailer

And I can do the same for your business. .

Oliver Dowling

Computer Programmer & Systems developer

I automate your tasks and provide the digital tools you need to grow as a company, saving you time and money. I will design and develop reports and systems that simplify your business by utilising the data you generate and collect. As a qualified teacher with experience across the ages from young teens to adult and into retirement, I will be your system support contact and can train you to use the software at hand. My skill set includes – Logical thinking, abstract thought, programming, web development, numerical, teaching and coaching. I have saved individuals hours of data entry and manual formatting improving employee productivity and efficiency. I have set up database systems used by corporate sales teams to help enhance their sales results.

And I can do the same for your business. 

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