Located in Hampshire, but with the ability to work with businesses anywhere. We are a small business partnership with the combined experience and skills to help enhance your business via multiple functions and services.  

We have 10 years experience of working in blue chip companies and have a track record of significantly improving results in sales & profit and improving productivity. 

Our experience 

We have worked for a number of major retailers, managing multimillion-pound budgets, contributing towards significant growth in sales and profits, through the analysis of data, forecasting demand levels and making strategic business decisions.  We have helped SMEs to improve results by identifying key initiatives from pricing, customer habits, demand, and key margin information.  

We have a history of developing software & programming and making processes easier for businesses.  We have created and set up databases systems, spreadsheets and reports for professional individuals and major retailers.  We create & maintain websites for small businesses and can integrate systems. 

How we operate 

We work with small to medium businesses and can offer standard practises or tailored services by gaining an understanding of how your business operates & its key functions.  We can work with you on a permanent or ad-hoc basis, provide one-off reports or system creation that can be set for automatic updating with any ongoing support available.  We can help set up best practice processes for your business that best work for you

We create a confidentiality agreement with your business to ensure that any data we are privy to remains private & your sole property.    

The services we provide are flexible and affordable 

Our ethos 

We are a professional team offering a passionate, friendly and supportive service.  We are client focused in our approach and are driven to deliver the best results for your business needs.  We want to give smaller businesses the same opportunities of large businesses and keep industries interesting